Why Choose Keeler?

Keeler is the most recognised ophthalmology brand in the world. We are leaders and pioneers of ophthalmic products. This has been achieved through our program of customer involvement in the design process to ensure our instruments meet the rigorous demands of daily practice.

We manufacture our instruments in the UK to the highest standards, providing you with the best possible choice of equipment throughout your career.

Renowned Keeler Optics

Keeler Ophthalmoscopes offer precision optics, versatile features and practical ergonomics, making them the number one choice for ophthalmic practitioners.

Brilliant LED Illumination

We recognise that illumination is of fundamental importance to good diagnosis. The new brighter and whiter longer lasting LED illumination in our Ophthalmoscopes and Professional Retinoscope will meet any diagnostic challenge.

Unequalled Quality

Our quality is unmatched and we design and manufacture our instruments to last you during your career.

Excellent Service

If your instruments need to be replaced, this can be done on site. All of our ‘First Aid kits’ are kept up-to date by the Keeler Student Team.

Volk Lens Authorised Distributor

As an authorised distributor for Volk Lenses, we can negotiate the best rates for our valued students.

The Keeler Student Team

The Keeler Student Team is here to help you get the best from Keeler whilst you’re in uni and during your pre-reg year.

If you need any advice on your existing items, want to discuss our range of products or take advantage of the special student prices available to you, then contact our Sales Managers on these numbers for further details, we’re here to help!


Nick Hamlett - Sales Manager

For Coleraine, Dublin DIT, Glasgow Caledonian, Manchester, UCLAN, Bradford, Huddersfield & Anglia Universities
Tel: 07795 976 246

Laura Haverley - Head of UK Sales

For Cardiff, City, Aston, Bristol & Plymouth Universities
Tel: 01753 827160
Mobile: 07836 681352

For all student queries please contact:

Christine Harajda
Tel: 07795 976 246